Charleston Theater Getaway

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Historic downtown Charleston, home to one of America’s first theaters, is a don’t-miss destination for theater lovers with musicals, comedies, dramas, improv, mysteries, magic and more. An abundance of hotels and restaurants downtown offer a walkable weekend of dining, shows and relaxation. Take a short stroll from your hotel to a pre-show dinner and an [...]

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Prince Edward Island

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Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942), one of Canada’s most-loved authors, penned nearly three dozen novels and short stories in addition to poems, but she is best known for “Anne of Green Gables,” where we meet Anne Shirley, the feisty, charismatic redheaded orphan with the wildest of imaginations. Visit LMM’s beloved Prince Edward Island to see the [...]

Concord, Mass.: A Literature Lover’s Vacation

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Fans of 19th-century American literature should put the lovely New England town of Concord on their list of must-see places. This was a center of literary greats and social reformers in the 1800s—the Alcotts, Emerson, Hawthorne and Thoreau all lived here, and it inspired many of their works we cherish today.   Concord Museum [...]

The Camaro at 50

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While other teens in the early 1990s likely weren’t thinking too hard about their future, Adam Barry, so absorbed by sketching flashy sports cars, had already settled on his. He wanted to work for General Motors. Designing cars. Chevy Camaros in particular. It was an ambition encouraged by his father Sonny, a car buff who [...]

The Best Chicago Hotels for Architecture Lovers

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Chicago has been at the forefront of architectural design since the Great Fire of 1871 destroyed broad swaths of the city, kicking off a legendary construction boom. After nearly 150 years, the city’s world-class skyline is crowded with innovative, historic and beautiful buildings, and all sorts of tours—by bus, boat or foot—make it easy to [...]

America’s Best State Parks: Small Places with Big Views

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When it comes to the great outdoors, America’s big, beautiful national parks tend to get all the attention thanks to their millions of visitors and endlessly photographed scenic wonders. But they aren’t the entire story. If you’re yearning to escape into the wilderness but only have time for a weekend jaunt, then consider one of [...]

Boston’s Copley Square: What to See and Do  

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If you’re looking for free things to do in Boston, head to the Back Bay neighborhood’s Copley Square, where most of the sites can be enjoyed without costing you a cent. This city square contains some of Boston’s best historical places, art and architecture.   200 Clarendon Street You probably know the tallest building in [...]

Spooky Places You Can Visit in the United States

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Would you explore the dark, foreboding hallways of a former penitentiary? Would you stay in a bed-and-breakfast that was once a mortuary? Read on for a few spooky, AAA recommended places that may or may not be haunted….     Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia, Pa. This former prison housed more than 75,000 inmates while in [...]