North Dakota


View seven of the Worlds Largest Metal Sculptures, with the eight in progress being built in Regent, at the Enchanted Castle. The seven sculptures include the Worlds Largest Metal Sculpture (in the Guinness Book), Geese In Flight. Travel the 30 mile stretch of road called the Enchanted Highway at exit 72 south off of interstate 94, and view the rest of the metal sculptures, Deer Crossing, Grasshopper in the Field, Fisherman’s Dream, Pheasants on the Prairie, Teddy Rides Again, the Worlds Largest Tin Family, and in Regent, view the Whirligigs and the sculpture in progress the Knight and Dragon. While in Regent stop at the Enchanted Highway Gift Shop for an ice cream cone and pick up a souvenir of the sculptures. while in Regent, stay at the Enchanted Castle for the evening, and enjoy a meal and drink. Then when in Regent take a tour of the Hettinger County Museum. Come down the Enchanted Highway, and we guarantee that you will be enchanted.